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You are beginning to see changes with the fire hydrants in Owosso.  In the past couple years we have repainted almost all of the city fire hydrants and now the remaining fire hydrants in the city are being finished up.  We will also go back through the city and change the cap colors in accordance with NFPA and AWWA standards based on engineering completed this year.  After the City of Owosso painting project is completed, we will start painting the Owosso and Caledonia Township fire hydrants and they will also be color coded according to NFPA and AWWA standards.  Here are a few things to remember about our fire hydrants in Owosso:

  • Fire hydrants are for your protection
  • Do not obstruct or plant around fire hydrants so as to obscure them.  Newly painted fire hydrants can be seen blocks away, that can save our firefighters time when fighting a fire.  Fire hydrants are the working connection to flush out our drinking water distribution mains, any plantings may not survive annual maintenance and flushing activity.
  • Only city trained and authorized users may operate a fire hydrant.

  • Fire Hydrant Colors
  • Fire Hydrant Colors
  • Fire Hydrant Colors