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Elections - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine if I’m registered to vote?

Visit the Michigan Voter Information Center and enter the requested information to determine whether or not you are registered to vote.  You can also call the City Clerk's Office at (989)725-0500 and we can look it up for you.


How can I register to vote?

Simply ask to register to vote at any one of the following locations:

  • City Clerk’s Office, 301 West Main Street, Owosso
  • Shiawassee County Clerk’s Office, 208 N. Shiawassee Street, Corunna 
  • Any Department of Human Services Office
  • Any Department of Community Health Office
  • Any Department of Career Development Office
  • Any military recruitment center

Or, click the following link to obtain a Voter Registration Form and mail it as directed.

Or, if you complete a transaction to update your driver's license or Michigan ID at a Secretary of State branch office you will be automatically registered to vote unless you object.


Where do I vote?

In the State of Michigan you vote in the precinct in which you reside.  Your Voter ID Card will provide the location of your polling place as well as the voting districts in which you live.  If you’ve lost your Voter ID Card this information can be obtained by visiting the Michigan Voter Information Center, or by calling the Owosso City Clerk’s Office at (989) 725-0500.


How do I request an Absent Voter Ballot?

If you are a voter registered in the City of Owosso simply call the Clerk’s Office at (989) 725-0500 and request an application.  Complete and sign the application, return it to the Clerk’s Office and a ballot will be sent to you.


Print and complete an Absentee Ballot Application form and mail it to:  Owosso City Clerk’s Office, 301 West Main Street, Owosso, MI  48867 and a ballot will be mailed to you.

If you will be out of town and need your ballot sent to a location other than your registered address please make sure to provide the address where the ballot should be mailed.  BALLOTS CANNOT BE FORWARDED even if you have a forward order in place, State law requires they be mailed directly to the recipient.  

For more information on absentee ballots please visit the Michigan Voter Information Center – Absentee Voting

For further general information on voting, to view a sample of the ballot, or to obtain information on candidates or ballot questions please visit the Michigan Voter Information Center.


How can I become a candidate for City Council?

City Council members are elected at large, with elections held in November of even years.  Any resident that has been registered in the City for at least one year can run for City Council.  Interested parties must file a nominating petition with the signatures of 50 to 100 registered City of Owosso voters no later than 4:00 p.m. the 15th Tuesday before the November general in even years.  For more information regarding becoming a City Council candidate please click the link below or contact the City Clerk's Office at (989)725-0500 or city.clerk@ci.owosso.mi.us

           City Council Candidate Guidelines

Upcoming Elections

Primary Election -
     August 6, 2024

Presidential Election -
     November 5, 2024