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Going Out of Business & Handbill Licenses

Licenses are required for both Going Out of Business sales and the door to door distribution of handbills per Michigan Public Act 39 of 1961 and Sections 18-55 through 18-58 of the Code of the City of Owosso respectively. 

Going Out of Business Sales

Click here to view the state law governing Going Out of Business Sales.

An application and inventory list must be filed with the City Clerk prior to conduct of sale.  Licenses are valid for a 30-day period and may be renewed up to two times for a 90-day total period in which to conduct the sale.  Additional inventory may not be added once the sale has commenced.

Handbill Distribution

City Ordinance prohibits the leaving of handbills, commonly called flyers, on doorsteps, door knobs, etc.  Violators may be ticked for littering.  Organizations involved in charitable efforts may seek a free 2 day waiver of the ordinance by filing a letter with the City Clerk's Office listing the organization involved, the purpose of the effort, dates for distribution, and contact information for those leading the effort.

Click here to view the City's  Handbill Ordinance.