Planning, Zoning & Community Development

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Planning, Zoning & Community Development

As directed by the 2021 Owosso Master Plan, the City of Owosso and its partners are committed to community development on a regional scale. To this end, the city contributes to the Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership each year to promote industrial and business retention and expansion.

The city is also engaged with other community institutions, such as the Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Shiawassee Convention and Visitors Bureau, Memorial Healthcare, Baker College, the Michigan Steam Railroading Institute, the Owosso Community Players, and the Shiawassee Arts Council. These partners are paramount to achieving Owosso’s ‘place making’ driven effort to achieving economic development through workforce attraction and quality of life.

By focusing on a vibrant downtown, redeveloping brownfields, enhancing tourist attractions, and improving recreation the city intends to build a strong core of residents, businesses, and destination attractions that support a balanced economy. To do so, the city is heavily engaged in strategic planning and the provisions of incentives.

Conceptual Review Meetings

Are you interested in developing a project or open a business within the City of Owosso?  The City of Owosso Staff is happy to hold a Conceptual Review Meeting with parties interested in investing in the community.  To schedule a Conceptual Review Meeting, please submit a letter detailing your proposal, accompanied by a set of concept plans to the Community Development Staff.  Staff will schedule a meeting with you once the items have been received.  During this meeting, City Staff will provide you with feedback on your proposal, discuss any applicable zoning regulations, walk you through the approval process for your proposal, provide you with copies of all applicable documents and discuss any potential incentives, if available.

City of Owosso Planning & Zoning Development Guide

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Downtown Rental Rehabilitation

The Downtown Rental Rehabilitation program provides grant funding to assist downtown property owners with the creation of or rehabilitation of affordable rental units above commercial space in the downtown.

  • Grants are available for the rehabilitation of existing units and the creation of new units and are specific to individual projects. 
  • The property owner must invest a minimum of 25% of the total project cost. 
  • Rental units must be rented to low-to-moderate income individuals and the rent must meet affordability guidelines as determined by HUD.
  • The grant assistance is provided as a 5 year forgivable lien on the property if all compliance is followed.  

Contact Information

Planning & Building Director

Tanya Buckelew


301 West Main
Owosso, MI 48867


Monday - Friday,
9:00am - 5:00pm


(989) 725-0540