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City Clerk

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The City Clerk’s Office is a frontline point of contact for the public that handles many different issues. Customers contact the Clerk’s Office to obtain general information and access historical documents, as well as to exercise their right to vote, and receive notary services.  Below you will find details on a selection of the varied duties and responsibilities of the Clerk's Office.

Official Archive Administration: The Clerk’s Office is responsible for the retention of all official records of the City.  Records are kept in accordance with the official Records Retention Policy developed by the State of Michigan and approved by City Council.  Interested parties may view official City records during regular business hours.  (For information regarding birth, death and/or marriage records please see the Shiawassee County Clerk’s Office.)

Requests for information submitted under the Freedom of Information Act should be directed to the Owosso Public Safety Director, 202 S. Water Street, Owosso, MI  48867.

Elections: The Clerk’s Office is responsible for administering all elections held in the city. The City has approximately 11,900 registered voters assigned to 6 precincts using five different polling locations. Approximately 100 trained temporary election inspectors are at the ready to staff the polls and carry out the functions of an election. The City Clerk’s office works extensively with the State of Michigan Bureau of Elections, the Shiawassee County Clerk’s Office and surrounding Township officials in the administration of elections and voter registrations.  For more information including polling locations, absentee balloting, and election results please visit our Elections page.

Boards/Commissions: The City Clerk is secretary to the City Council.  Communications or requests for the Council should be submitted to the Clerk's Office.

Notary Services: The Clerk’s Office provides notary service to city departments and the general public. This service is currently $5 for City residents and $10 for those residing outside the City limits (maximum 3 signatures).  Customers interested in notary services should bring the document to be notarized and current picture ID.  Please ensure the document is fully completed, but DO NOT sign the document prior to presenting it for notarization.  Some documents require witnesses in addition to the notary.  If your document requires witnesses kindly bring said witnesses with you.  

Licensing: The City Clerk issues going out of business sale licenses in accordance with Michigan Public Act 39 of 1961 and Handbill Distribution Permits in accordance with Sections 18-55 through 18-58 of the Code of the City of Owosso.  Please see the Licensing page for more information. 

Cable Access Channels:  Due to budget concerns and equipment failures the City is no longer operating its two cable access channels.  For more information on the history of the local cable access channels please contact the Clerk's Office.

Laws & Ordinances

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Contact Information

City Clerk

Amy K. Kirkland, CMC

Deputy City Clerk

Carrie A. Farr


301 West Main
Owosso, MI 48867


Monday - Friday
9:00am - 5:00pm


(989) 725-0500


(989) 723-8854