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The City of Owosso has partnered with BidNet as part of the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network and will post their bid opportunities to this site.  As a vendor, you can register with the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network and be sure that you see all available bids and opportunities. By selecting automatic bid notification, your company will receive emails once The City of Owosso has a bid opportunity that matches your company's business. In addition, the site handles bid opportunities, RFPs, and RFQs for other member governmental agencies.

The City of Owosso looks forward to providing you with more bid information and simplifying the entire bid, proposal, and quote processes for everyone involved.  We appreciate your cooperation and welcome your participation.  If you need help registering, please call Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network support department toll free 1-800-835-4603.


Structural Firefighter Gear

Unofficial Bid Results

2024-25 Gravel, Limestone & Riprap Bid

Demolition of 643 N Hickory

New Concrete Saw Bid

Summer 2024 Sewer Televising

2024 Pavement Marking Project

2024-2025 Sand, Gravel & Limestone Bid

2024 Grass Mowing Program

MI-HOPE Grant Project

Demo of 1404 S. Chipman

New Downtown Streetlights

2024 Street Light Project

2024 Sewer Lining Project

2024 Bridge Projects

Woodland Trails Sanitary Sewer Repair Project

Downing Drive Water Tower Fencing

Exterior/Interior Door Replacement

2024 Spring Tree Removal Bid

2024 Water Main Replacement Project

Tabletop Clamping Type Tire Changer

2024 Chip Seal Project

2024 Sidewalk Program

Police Lockers Bid

2024 Storm Sewer Televising Bid

2023-2024 DPW Inventory Parts Bid

2023-2024 Commercial Water Service Parts Bid

WWTP Improvements Phase 1 Bid

2023-24 Sand, Gravel & Limestone Bid

2023 Sewer Televising

Main Street Plaza Masonry

2023 Grass Mowing Program

Backwash VFD Voltage Protection

2023 Water Service Line Identification Project

2023 Sanitary Sewer Repair Project

2023 Sidewalk Program

2023-2024 Kornerhorn Parts Bid

2023 Street Patches Bid

2023 Spring Tree Removal Bid

114-116 W. Main Apartment Construction Bid

2023 Water Main Replacement Project

WTP SCADA Upgrades

Palmer 3A and Juniper Well House Designs

2023 Storm Sewer Lining Project

2023 Street Program - Contract 1

WWTP GE Powerbreak II 2500A Breaker

WTP HVAC Equipment Maintenance Bid

M-71 Resurfacing Project

2022-2023 Meter Pit Parts

2022-2025 Vehicle Towing Services

Duplex Vacuum Pump System

2022-2023 Lime Softening Residual Removal/Reuse

2022 Grass Mowing Program

2022 Portable Toilets Bid

2022-2025 Lime Softening Residuals Removal/Reuse

2022 Water Main Replacement - Center St.

2022-2024 Water Service Line Replacement Project

Water Tower & Standpipe Rehab Project

2022 Sidewalk Program

James S. Miner Launch Project

2022 Chip Seal Project - Contract 1

Meter Pit Parts Bid

2022 Tree Removal Bid

Grove Holman Warming Center Bid

2022 Street Program Contract 1

Demo of Structure @ 900 Ada St.

Palmer 3 & Juniper 1 Municipal Water Supply Well Drilling

Demo of Structure at 623 Frazer St.

Structural Firefighting Gear

Bentley Park Tennis Courts Bid

2021 Street Program - Contract 1

2021-2022 Bulk Carbon Dioxide

2021 Water Service Line Replacement Project

2021 Grass Mowing Program

2021 Chip Seal - Contract 2

2021 Retaining Wall Bid

2021 Chip Seal Project - Contract 1

Fall 2020 Private Property Water Service Line Replacements

2020 WTP SCADA Controls Upgrade

2020 Street Patches

Portable Toilets Rebid

Sanitary Sewer Replacement - Contract 2

Sanitary & Sewer Rehab - Contract 1

2020 Water Main Replacement Project

2020 Street Program - Contract 2

WTP Wash Water Pump & Piping Replacement

2020 Street Program - Contract 1

Demolition 424 Grover Street

Fire Hydrant Painting Bid

Automatic Chest Compression System

2019 Chip Seal Program

2019-22 Sand, Gravel & Limestone Bid

3-Year Towing Services Bid

2019 Street Patches Bid

2019-2022 Lime Softening Residuals

2019-2022 Refuse Service Bid

Gear Reducer Replacement Parts

Planning Services RFP

2019 Street Project Contract 3

2019 Landfill Services Bid

2019 Street Project Contract 1

2019 Street Program - Contract 2 Bid

2019 Street Program - Contract 1 Bid

Sanitary & Storm Sewer Rehab Bid

2019 Tree & Stump Removal Program

WTP VFD Replacement Bid

2018 Facade Project - CDBG Program Rebid

Sludge Thickener Improvement Project

Water Distribution Storage Tank Pump

Hintz Well Field Rehabilitation

Curwood Castle Park Renovation

2017 Street Program

Ford F-550 Fire Truck

2017 Sidewalk Program

2017-18 Sodium Hypochlorite

2017-18 Sodium Fluoride

2017-18 Ferric Chloride

2017-18 Bulk Carbon Dioxide

2017-18 Accu-Tab SL Cal Hypo Tablets

2017 Street Patches

2017 Grass Mowing Program

2017-18 Sand & Gravel

WTP Stand-by Generator System

WWTP Screen Containment Room & Equipment Installation

Gear Reducer Replacement Parts

Hintz Well Access Road

WWTP Clarifier Equipment

Re-Bid Heating System for WWTP

Heating System for WWTP

Portable Monitor/Defibrillator

Stryker Power-Pro XT Cot #6506

Automatic Meter Reading System

2016 Street Patches

Cargill Access Road

2016 Sidewalk Program

Sanitary Sewer Main Cleaning

2016-17 Sodium Hypochlorite

2016-17 Ferric Chloride

2016-17 Bulk Carbon Dioxide

2016-17 Accu-Tab SL Cal Hypo Tablets

3 Year Vehicle Towing Services

Type III Ford E-450 Ambulance

Former Eastside Cleaners Excavation Shoring Installation

2016-17 Sand & Gravel Bid Tab

2015-19 Refuse Service Bid Tab

Gould Street Resurfacing

Sign Replacement Program Bid Tab

Thermal Imaging Camera

2015 Street Patches Bid Tab

Westtown Parking Lot Bid Tab

Bulk Quicklime 2015-16 Second Bid Tab

2015 Double Chip Seal Program

2015 Sidewalk Program Bid Tab